Will Dasher

Will Dasher, Commissioner

A Word From the Commissioner

I would like to take this opportunity to answer some of the questions, concerning the OTSL, that come up on a regular basis.

The OTSL currently has three seasons, spring, summer, and fall. The spring season usually runs between March and August, the summer O40 only season runs from June to August, while the fall season runs from September through December.

A Board of Director's (BOD) Meeting is held at the beginning of each season for organizational purposes. At that meeting each Captain reviews the randomly created teams for strengths, weaknesses, and revisions. The Captains then randomly draw for their teams. Each team can carry up to 18/19 players on their roster depending on the number of total registrants. The OTSL season is made up of 9 games (weather permitting) with a single elimination tournament for each division at the end of the season.

In an effort to provide a competitive experience the OTSL will provide 3 or more divisions based completely on player age. We will strive to create Over 20, 30, 40, and 50 divisions but we will adjust the age brackets to best accommodate divisions of 6 or more teams. The OTSL values each member's commitment to the club while the club's commitment is to create the highest level of competition available in the OTSL.

Each Captain ranks his players at the end of every season. This allows the players in every skill level to be appropriately distributed throughout the teams for the next season. This encourages everyone from beginner to professional to participate and play together as a team; it creates a competitive environment where no team is "stacked" or creates a "dynasty" in the league; and enemies become teammates from season to season fostering greater camaraderie than the typical soccer league.

During the spring and fall the OTSL plays once a week depending on the schedule and weather. All divisions play on Sunday mornings with make-up games on Saturday's or Sunday's depending on the schedule. Game times run through the morning starting at 8am and finishing around Noon. The summer season has games on weekday evenings. Currently, all OTSL games are played at the Hampton Roads Soccer Complex (HRSC) behind the Virginia Beach Amphitheater.

Each player pays a registration fee of $125.00. This fee incorporates most costs associated with the season to include with a team jersey. To help offset our costs the league solicits corporate sponsorships and provides a demographic to those businesses looking to reach approx. 350 - 425 adult men 36 weeks out of every year.

The OTSL BOD has committed themselves and the league to finding a place to call our home. Currently, $30.00 of each player's registration fee is set aside as we move forward in finding the OTSL a place for four fields, a clubhouse, and a parking lot. As the league has been around for over 20+ years this goal is long over-due and we are attempting to fast track it. Anyone with any ideas or access to information that can help the OTSL reach that goal is encouraged to talk with their Captain or an Executive Committee member.

The OTSL BOD's are constantly striving to improve the league. We have a new and improved website, we recently added the O50's division to the program, created the OTSL All-Star game at the end of each season, have discounts that are provided at all local soccer stores, enjoy a Spring and Fall OTSL party, and we use the creative ideas of our BOD's and members to continually make improvements.

We hope this information helps you. If you have any other questions please send an e-mail to commish@otslvb.com or contact me on my cell phone at (757) 535-1800. Thank you and we look forward to seeing you out on the Pitch!

Will Dasher, OTSL Commissioner